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Myrick Votes To Save Billions In Taxpayer Dollars - Upholds Pledge To The American People To Cut Spending


Location: Washington, DC

US Representative Sue Myrick (NC-09) voted today to save American taxpayers over $100 billion compared to the President's FY 2011 budget request by voting in favor of HR 1, also known as the Continuing Resolution.

These cuts bring non-security discretionary spending back to FY 2008 levels.

"Without these spending reductions, our economy cannot grow and businesses will not be able to create jobs," Myrick said. "These steps to cut spending-- however uncomfortable -- are absolutely necessary. Cutting spending will remove barriers to job creation and grow the economy in both the short and long term. Remember, government spending today equals higher taxes tomorrow. The more the government borrows, spends and regulates, the harder it is for business to access capital and create jobs. Passing this Continuing Resolution is fulfilling a commitment to the American people to roll back spending and get our fiscal house in order".

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