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Woodall Issues Response to President Obama's Budget Proposal


Location: Washington, DC

On Monday, February 14, 2010, President Obama submitted his Fiscal Year 2012 Budget Proposal to Congress. As a Member of the House Budget Committee, Congressman Rob Woodall (GA-07) was present for the official submission. After reviewing the budget proposal Congressman Woodall released the following statement:

"The President today delivered his budget to Congress. I look forward to going through it line by line to see where we can save money for the American people. On its face, though, it seems long on tax increases and short on bold decisions to redirect our nation's fiscal future. We need leadership to get our fiscal house in order, and I still hope that the President will be the one to provide that leadership, but this budget isn't it. Massive new taxes are not the answer. We've been down that road before, and we know that our struggling economy will simply collapse under the additional weight."

"As the Budget Committee begins its work with an eye toward producing and passing a budget by April, I will absolutely keep the President's roadmap in mind. My hope is that hidden deep beneath the detours of higher taxes and higher spending lie some nuggets of wisdom that will put America on the fast track back to fiscal responsibility. If this leadership cannot be found in the President's budget, however, my colleagues on the Budget Committee and I will not shrink from our duty to fill that leadership void. We will make the tough decisions. We will take the political risks. We will do whatever is necessary to pull America back from the brink of financial collapse."

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