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Lamborn Leads Fight to Restore Defense Cuts

Press Release

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Congressman Doug Lamborn (CO-05) and a group of 12 Members of the Armed Services Committee filed an amendment to H.R. 1, the continuing resolution, to restore approximately $14 billion in funding for the Department of Defense (DoD) for the remainder of this fiscal year.

As introduced, H.R. 1 contains $516 billion in defense appropriations. Lamborn's amendment would restore spending to the level Congress authorized in the 2011 National Defense Authorization Act, approximately $530 billion.

"The Pentagon has already been tasked with finding $100 billion in savings through greater efficiencies. On top of that, the White House is calling for $78 billion in defense cuts over the next five years. While I wholeheartedly support finding cost savings through efficiencies in all areas of the federal government, including defense, I will resist any actions that would compromise our nation's qualitative edge when it comes to national defense.

"It is well known that weakness invites aggression. Threats do not always announce themselves in advance. In order to prepare for unpredictable threats, we must modernize our defense systems. We certainly cannot let them age and deteriorate."-- Doug Lamborn (CO-05)

"The U.S. Constitution specifically mandates that the federal government provide for the defense of our nation. Our country is fighting two wars and is threatened by rogue nations and organized terrorists. It is imperative that we do all we can to provide for the common defense."- Vicky Hartzler (MO-04)

"In the midst of two wars and ever increasing threats from abroad, now is not the time to be cutting our nation's defense budget. Congress should fully fund our defense priorities while thoughtfully examining ways to effectively find efficiencies throughout the department."-- Congressman Mike Turner (OH-03)

"Cutting defense spending is not how we modernize our military and ensure our troops are the best trained and best equipped in the world. I strongly support Rep. Lamborn's and my colleagues' efforts to restore defense funding that was needlessly cut out of the budget." - Rep. Bobby Schilling (IL-17)

Note:The amendment has 12 House Armed Services Committee supporters:

Chairman Buck McKeon (CA-25)

Vicky Hartzler (MO-04)

Roscoe Bartlett (MD-06)

Randy Forbes (VA-04)

Jeff Miller (FL-01)

Joe Wilson (SC-02)

Frank LoBiondo (NJ-02)

Michael Turner (0H-03)

Robert Wittman (VA-01)

Duncan Hunter (CA-52)

Scott Rigell (VA-02)

Robert Schilling (IL-17)

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