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Weiner Study Highlights Impact of Republican Budget Plan on New York City

Press Release

Location: New York City, NY

Today, Rep. Anthony Weiner (D -- Queens and Brooklyn) released a study highlighting the impact on New York City of the new Republican budget proposal that will be voted on this week, which would slash over $1 billion in aid to the City, including funding for more than 150 cops on the street and $150 million for Section 8.

"When the GOP starts recklessly slashing the budget, nothing is safe -- not even our safety," said Weiner. "The deficit needs to be reduced, but cutting cops and other vital services is not the way to do it."


* Title I funding, which provides funding for primary and secondary schools, would be cut by over $35 million. (NYC Independent Budget Office (IBO)

* Pell Grants which provide grants for lower income college students would be cut by $210 million and the maximum Pell Grant award would be cut by $845 per student. (NYC Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and U.S. Census)

* The Head Start Program, which provides education services to enhance school readiness for young children, would cut over $1400 per child for a total of over $26 million in cuts. (NYC IBO and NYC Administration for Child Services)

Law Enforcement

* Federal grants to the New York Police Department would be cut by $40 million, a 40% cut from fiscal year 2010 levels. This could mean that more than 150 cops are taken off the streets of New York City. (NYC IBO)


* The Low Income Heating and Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) Contingency Fund which helps the lowest-income New Yorkers stay warm would be cut by $4.5 million. (NYC OMB)

* Section 8 vouchers which provide vouchers for low-income families to locate decent, safe, and affordable housing would be cut by over 50% for a loss of $150 million to NYC. ( NYC IBO)

* The Public Housing Operating Fund, which provides subsidies to public housing agencies, would be cut by nearly $30 million. (NYC IBO)

* The Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program, which funds local community development activities such as affordable housing, anti-poverty programs, and infrastructure development, would experience over $120 million in cuts, a 60% cut from the fiscal year 2010 level. (NYC IBO)

* The HOME investment partnerships program, which works with nonprofit groups to build, buy, and rehabilitate affordable housing would be cut by $2 million. (NYC IBO)

* The Public Housing Capital Operating Fund, which provides funding for the development and modernization of public housing, would be cut by 40%, or $140 million. (City of New York IBO)


* MTA would lose over $73 million that is used to fund vital rail and bus infrastructure and security projects throughout the region. (Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA)

* JFK, LaGuardia and Newark would see a cut of $24 million that would be used to improve our air traffic control system. (United States Department of Transportation DOT)

Health & Human Services

* The Child Care and Development Fund which provides subsidies for child care for low-income families so that parents can work would be cut by over $9 million. (NYC IBO)

* Senior Nutrition Programs, which helps seniors stay healthy by providing meals at senior centers and in the home would be cut by over $800,000. (NYC IBO)

* Community Services Block Grants which provides funding to assist with employment, education, nutrition and emergency services for the homeless, migrants and the elderly would be cut by 40%, or $13 million. (NYC IBO)


* The Clean Water Revolving Fund which works to ensures that local communities can provide clean and sanitary wastewater treatment services for their residents would be cut by $114 million, or over 40%, for NYC. (NYC OMB)

* The Drinking Water Revolving Fund which works to ensure that local residents receive clean and safe drinking water would be cut by $45 million for NYC. (NYC OMB)

Job Training

* New York City job training and workforce investment which provides adult workforce training, job-related activities for young adults, and dislocated workers programs would be cut by $28 million. (NYC IBO)

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