Directing Committees To Review Regulations From Federal Agencies

Floor Speech

By:  Judy Chu
Date: Feb. 10, 2011
Location: Washington, DC

Ms. CHU. I rise today to oppose House Resolution 72. This is a meaningless gimmick that only wastes time.

While I do not oppose its spirit, I do oppose spending House floor time debating a bill that is wholly and completely redundant. It is already the job of committees to review Federal regulations and laws, and, in fact, the Committee on Small Business has been actively doing this.

But this bill doesn't do one thing to help small business. It does nothing to actually reduce real regulatory burden on small businesses. It does not reduce paperwork nor limit government requirements on the business community. In fact, it only sets up a bureaucratic process here in Congress with a goal of producing an inventory of regulations, something we already do.

We have already passed strong bills, the Regulatory Flexibility Act, and, most recently, the Dodd-Frank bill, which sets up a very strong protection,

something that has not been done before. The Consumer Protection Agency must meet with small businesses before any new regulation is passed.

So why aren't we doing something to actually help small business come out from this tough recession? Why haven't we voted on a single bill creating jobs since the Republicans took over the majority? Why haven't we voted on a single bill to help small businesses?

Small businesses are responsible for two-thirds of net new jobs. But if this resolution is the best we can do, small businesses will have to wait a long time for real relief, and that's not good enough for our economy or the American people.

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