Owens Named to Small Business Committee

Press Release

By:  Bill Owens
Date: Feb. 7, 2011
Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Bill Owens announced today his appointment to serve on a third committee in the U.S. House of Representatives. Owens will sit on the House Committee on Small Business, continuing his work to ease regulations on small business owners and to assist them in creating jobs.

"The most important work Congress has is to create jobs and get the economy back on the right track," said Owens. "With this third committee, Upstate New York will have a louder voice when it comes to giving local small business owners the tools they need to succeed and put the unemployed back to work."

The House Small Business Committee was established to protect and assist small businesses and was made into a permanent standing committee in 1975. As such, the Committee has jurisdiction over matters related to small business financial aid, regulatory flexibility, and paperwork reduction. Additionally, the House Small Business Committee has oversight and legislative authority over the Small Business Administration (SBA) and its programs.

Owens will continue to serve on the House Committees on Agriculture and Armed Services.

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