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Statement on Federal Health-Care Reform Ruling

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Congresswoman Pingree says decision would restore power to insurance company CEOs to determine who gets care and who doesn't

Congresswoman Chellie Pingree today decried a Florida federal judge's ruling that health-care reforms to cover 30 million uninsured Americans and add protections for millions more are unconstitutional.

"People in my district don't tell me that government went too far in addressing the problems of unaccountable insurance companies, unfair practices, and the number of uninsured families. They tell me that we didn't go far enough," said Pingree. "Passing this law was about giving people more control over their own health--offering coverage to students under 26, closing the donut hole for seniors, ending discriminatory denials, and more. Overturning health care reform would hand that control back to insurance company CEOs so they can once again decide who gets coverage and how much they pay for it. I disagree with this ruling and I hope and expect it will be overturned."

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