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Berkley Joins Nevada Law Enforcement In Opposing Cuts to Cops Program

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Congresswoman Shelley Berkley today rejected a call for cuts in the COPS program which is a source of funding for Las Vegas Metro and other law enforcement agencies in Nevada and nationwide.

"The Las Vegas Police Protective Association has blown the whistle on this dangerous effort to slash $600 million in funding for the COPS program," said Berkley. "These cuts will rob federal funding from Metro and our other local law enforcement agencies that can be used to pay for additional cops on the streets, enhanced crime fighting technology and other vital public safety needs. I recognize the tough choices we face in Congress when it comes to reducing spending, but cutting police funding will only hurt our communities and leave families more vulnerable to crime."

In statements opposing the cuts, Nevada's largest law enforcement association, the Las Vegas Police Protective Association (, described the potential impact of the funding loss as "devastating for the law enforcement community in Nevada and across the country."

"Those calling for these cuts need to listen to the voices of our law enforcement officers who risk their lives to protect Nevada residents and the tens of millions of visitors who power our tourist based economy. They say this is going to have a devastating effect and it will be our neighborhoods and our friends and loved ones who are at risk. I will fight to protect COPS funding for Nevada and I challenge my colleagues to join me in rejecting this shortsighted effort to eliminate funding that will help Metro, Henderson and North Las Vegas police get the job done," Berkley said.

The opposition from Berkley and law enforcement officials follows the announcement this week by House Republicans that they are seeking to end the COPS grant funding program. The program has provided nearly $70 million in federal funding to Nevada law enforcement agencies since its enactment, allowing the addition of more than 450 officers and deputies in the Silver State.

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