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Karen Bass Votes No on Republican Bill to Cut Funds to United Nation


Location: Washington, DC

U.S. Rep. Karen Bass cast a no vote this afternoon in opposition to the UN Tax Equalization Refund Act. The vote of 259 to 169 failed to meet the 2/3rds threshold needed to pass and was not enacted.

"Republicans are making false arguments to dress up a bad bill that hides their true intentions of withholding U.N. dues. This bill takes us back to an era of disengagement from the rest of the world, and we are still paying the price for that reckless policy.

"This bill is the first in a series of steps Republican leaders have cooked up to ensure we do not fulfill our obligations to the United Nations and international community. They want us to go backwards, but our foreign policy must be forward looking.

"International crises are unfolding throughout the world, most recently in Egypt. This type of legislation sends the wrong message to our allies overseas during times of trying conflict.

"Nobody is fooled -- this is not a deficit reduction measure as Republicans would like us to believe. It is the first attempt of many to defund our responsibilities at home and overseas. The principle casualty of this Republican-authored gimmick is the New York Police Department who are depending on these funds to better protect New York and the U.N. Headquarters from a terrorist attack."

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