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Health Care Repeal

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. McCONNELL. Madam President, later today, as I noted yesterday, the Senate will have a rare opportunity. For those who have supported the health care spending bill in the past, it is an opportunity to revisit your first vote, to listen to those who have desperately been trying to get your attention, to say, yes, maybe my vote for this bill was a mistake, maybe we can do better, to listen to the small business owners who have been contacting our offices every single day and telling us all the ways this bill keeps them from creating the jobs we need, to show you have actually noticed most Americans don't want this bill, to show you are aware more people want it repealed than do not, to show you have noticed the townhalls in your States, to show you have noticed the opposition to this bill continues to grow, to show you have noticed the Federal court rulings that show this bill is unconstitutional at its core.

It is not every day you get a second chance on a big decision after you know all the facts. This is that second chance.

For all of us who opposed the health care bill, today we reaffirm our commitment to work a little harder to get it right; we can't afford to get it wrong. But let's not anyone hide behind the preposterous talking point that repealing this bill would add to the deficit. Only in Washington would somebody claim that spending trillions of dollars on a brand new government entitlement and a massive bureaucracy to go along with it will save money.

I urge all my colleagues to move beyond party affiliation, to look at the facts alone. If everyone in this Chamber did that, we would repeal this bill right now, and then we would begin the work of achieving our common goal of delivering health care at a higher quality for lower cost. We would put in place the commonsense reforms people actually want.

We also expect a vote later today that would clear away one of the many impediments to job creation that was layered into this bill. It turns out Senator Johanns did such an outstanding job of raising awareness about the 1099 requirement that our friends on the other side have basically co-opted the idea and are now claiming it as their own. Actually, that is fine with us. It is not a bad precedent, actually. We have a lot of other good ideas we would be happy to share--not replacing one 2,700-page bill with another but passing commonsense reforms that people actually want.

The case against this bill is more compelling every day. Everything we learn tells us it was a bad idea, that it should be repealed and replaced. The courts say so, the American people say so, job creators say so. It is time for those who passed this bill to show they noticed. Let's take this opportunity.

I yield the floor.

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