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Letter to President Barack Obama


Location: Unknown

Dear Mr. President,

On behalf of the people of our states, we respectfully ask that you do all in your power to expedite the legal process for the cases regarding the federal healthcare bill. We ask that you direct those in your Cabinet who are defendants in these suits to quickly file an appeal and, when they do so, that they appeal straight to the United States Supreme Court.

Beyond the merits of this issue, the people of our great nation deserve an answer. Our people deserve to know the future of how their state governments will be structured, how their wallets will be affected, and how their choices in health care will be determined.

We, as their leaders in government, cannot offer our people that stability while this issue is unresolved. While we wait, we lose. We lose time. We lose resources. We lose options. While we wait, we miss the opportunity to prepare our states with the necessary policies and appropriate budgets that the federal healthcare bill would require.

We are in desperate times facing unprecedented budget challenges, and while we should be able to act quickly on the people's behalf, we cannot. Our people deserve more than uncertainty. They deserve an answer. And, very simply put, Mr. President: our people cannot afford to wait.

As our President, you have the power to ask your Cabinet members and the Department of Justice to appeal and appeal quickly to the United States Supreme Court. We respectfully ask that you do so.

Bill Haslam

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