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New Prescription Drug Card Reduces Costs for Seniors

Location: Washington, DC

NEW PRESCRIPTION DRUG CARD REDUCES COSTS FOR SENIORS -- (House of Representatives - June 03, 2004)

(Mr. KINGSTON asked and was given permission to address the House for 1 minute and to revise and extend his remarks.)

Mr. KINGSTON. Mr. Speaker, effective June 1, each senior on Medicare who would like one could get a Medicare prescription drug discount card. This card will be good for about a 20 percent discount in most local pharmacies.

What the senior could do is dial 1-800-Medicare or go to WWW.MEDICARE.GOV and find out which of the local drugstores has the best deal on Lipitor or Glucophage or whatever he or she uses on a regular basis, and then, if it works, if it is a good idea, invest anywhere from $20 to $30, in that neighborhood, and choose which card is the best and start enjoying a 20 percent discount.

This is a program that precedes the 2006 voluntary program which was signed by President Bush, passed by this House and the Senate and endorsed by the AARP to give seniors on Medicare a prescription drug benefit.

It is a voluntary program, it reduces drug costs by about 50 percent, and it is something that we did not have in Medicare as an option before. It is a very good program, and I invite seniors to call 1-800 Medicare and take a look at it.

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