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Issue Position: Immigration Reform

Issue Position

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The United States of America is a nation of immigrants. Legal immigration has blessed our nation with talent, diversity, and a commitment to freedom. However, we are also a nation of laws and illegal immigration mocks these laws and our entire system of justice. The fight against illegal immigration must start at our nation's borders. If we cannot control who enters our country, such as illegal aliens, then we cannot control what enters our country, such as illegal drugs. Simply strengthening the Border Patrol, however, is not enough to stop illegal immigration. For years, weak enforcement and confusing provisions in immigration law have allowed illegal aliens to stay in the country for years without punishment.

Completely closing our borders to legal immigrants who seek to experience the American dream or who are needed in this country is not the answer. However, we need to aggressively crack down on illegal immigration. Now is the time to do so and to ensure that security within our borders is the highest priority. In addition, in no event should we grant amnesty to those who have broken our laws and entered the country illegally. Doing so would simply invite more illegal immigration in the future.

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