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Issue Position: Limited Government

Issue Position

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Some among us believe that Government holds the keys to our prosperous future. Some have argued that only Government can solve our challenges. I beg to differ.

Our freedom. Our liberty. Indeed, our ability to live as free people and thrive is directly proportionate to the limiting of Government in our lives and in our pocketbooks. We established a Constitution to "secure the Blessings of Liberty." Our country was founded on the principle of limited Government.

Let us not mistake the need for a more promising economic future as an excuse to allow further encroachment of Government in our lives. Let us seize this moment in time to secure our liberties by limiting our Government. More Government, more taxes, more spending of the people's money will NOT solve our challenges. Securing liberty will.

The United States of America is the greatest country on the face of the planet, but liberty, not bigger Government, will allow us to prosper.

Entitlement Programs. I oppose federal programs that depend on the formation of a large bureaucracy to provide entitlements.

* Health Care. Our goal should be to insure all Americans with private health insurance--not government healthcare. A bureaucrat should not be placed between patients and their doctors. I favor solutions that incorporate health savings accounts, tax deductions and tort reform. I do not support expanding coverage in any way that would draw people away from private health plans.
* Social Security. We have an obligation to fulfill our promises to older generations. That promise should be balanced with policies which provide more personal control for younger generations, while also making the program permanently solvent.

Education. I believe many programs currently run by the federal government -- such as the Department of Education - should be left to state and local governments.

Public Lands. The federal government needs to stop putting such onerous restrictions on access to our public lands. We need access for outdoor enthusiasts and responsible energy development. Two-thirds of the state of Utah is designated as federal land. I am a member of the House Energy and Minerals Resources Subcommittee, which is critical in tapping Utah's vast solar, natural gas, geothermal, oil, oil shale, and mineral resources. The Intermountain West holds the key to our nation's energy independence and security.

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