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Issue Position: Economy

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In this Congress, it seems that spending other people's money comes all too easily. But this money doesn't belong to the government -- it belongs in the hands of the American people.

The United States of America did not tax, spend and borrow its way into becoming the largest, most successful economy in the history of the world. Rather, the American people created this success because they have been free to reap the rewards of their own hard work and ingenuity.

Free Trade

I believe that free trade is vital to economic growth and job stability. By increasing trade, we will not only export our goods, but our democratic ideals as well. In the past, I have supported agreements that propose to eliminate tariffs and barriers to goods and trade, such as the North American Free Trade Agreement, the Central American Free Trade Agreement, and the Columbia Free Trade Agreement.

Small Business

Small businesses play a vital role in our local economy. I am encouraged by the growth in development of small businesses in the 21st District. I support policies that create jobs and economic opportunities in Texas and the nation. I have been an advocate for small businesses by working to lower the taxes and reduce the high cost of health insurance for small businesses and the self-employed.

In the past, I have cosponsored the "Small Business Health Fairness Act of 2007," which improves access and choices for entrepreneurs with small businesses with respect to medical care for their employees. This measure significantly expands access to health coverage for uninsured families across the country by creating Small Business Health Plans. I also supported the "Small Business Fairness in Contracting Act" which improves opportunities for small businesses to compete for federal contracts.

I will continue to support small businesses and promote a pro-economic growth agenda.


Tax reductions generate strong economic growth. They enable Americans to save, invest and spend more of their income. This creates a business environment that rewards creativity and innovation.

History tells us reducing taxes across-the-board helps the economy grow. Tax relief worked in the 1980`s, it worked in the 1990`s, and it will work again now.

In the past, I have supported tax relief plans that benefit all taxpayers by reducing the marginal tax rate for all brackets, repealing the estate tax, permanently repealing the Alternative Minimum Tax, increasing the child tax credit, and addressing the issue of the marriage tax penalty.

Our economy needs tax relief. We need to create more jobs and the best way to help companies, investors and entrepreneurs to create good, private-sector jobs is to reduce taxes across-the-board. And the best way to refuel the economy and keep Texas competitive and growing is to reduce taxes. Jobs must come first.

I will continue to support reducing the tax burden on Americans.

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