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Issue Position: Effects of Health Care Reform (H.R. 3590)

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On Sunday, March 22, the House passed H.R. 3590, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, against the will of the American people. The bill passed by a vote of 219 - 212, with all Republicans and 34 Democrats voting against it. The Reconciliation bill passed by a vote of 220 - 211, with all Republicans and 33 Democrats voting "no."

House action on the Senate bill clears it for signing by the President, but the Reconciliation bill is still subject to Senate consideration and the Senate's normal amendment process. Whether the Senate passes the Reconciliation bill remains unclear, and that process could take weeks. If the Senate fails to pass the Reconciliation bill, the underlying Senate bill would be the law of the land.

A reform bill of this magnitude -- one that affects all Americans and a significant portion of our economy -- should have the support of a majority of Americans and bipartisan support in Congress. Unfortunately, the Democrats were not interested in a bipartisan bill, and they used special favors to gain the votes of wavering Democrats and cram their reform bill through Congress.

Though H.R. 3590 passed the House and the Senate, and will soon be signed into law by the President - the fight is far from over. This bill is not constitutional and I am currently fighting for its repeal. My website will be updated periodically to keep you informed of the effects, consequences, and struggles you and I will encounter as we move forward through this fight.

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