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Issue Position: Immigration

Issue Position

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The Senate failed to pass its immigration bill, but supporters say they will now try to pass the bill in smaller pieces. This bill, counting amendments, ballooned to over 1,000 pages. No one, supporters or opponents, really had time to learn everything in it because of its length and because it kept changing right up to the last vote.

The Congress wants to be seen as doing something about this problem. However, the Washington Times said in an editorial published June 15, 2008: "A point often lost in the debate over border security and illegal immigration is that many of the laws necessary to fix the problem are already on the books, but federal authorities have decided for political reasons not to enforce them."

We already allow several million to immigrate legally into this country each year and have done so at this level for many years. We allow far more immigration than any other country. We do not need an increase in immigration. We need to enforce our laws and secure our borders, and we have given mega billions to immigration and border officials to help them do their jobs. Actually, local law enforcement could probably do a better job for half the money.

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