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Chandler: Repeal the Bad and Keep the Good in Healthcare Law


Location: Washington, DC

Today, Congressman Chandler released a statement about efforts to repeal the healthcare reform law:

"I voted against the healthcare reform legislation last year and want to repeal many parts of this new law, especially burdens on our struggling small businesses and the cuts to Medicare and health services for our seniors and our working families," Chandler stated.

"But as I have said repeatedly over the past few months, I will not vote to repeal parts of the law that protect Central Kentuckians by preventing insurance companies from dropping people if they get sick, ending lifetime caps on coverage, and eliminating pre-existing condition exclusions.

"Yes, we need to take a serious look at each provision in this bill and repeal the ones that are bad for the Commonwealth, but we also have to get people back to work. In my view, our number one priority has to be getting our economy back on track and creating jobs for Kentuckians."

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