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Issue Position: Health Care

Issue Position

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Our health care system is in need of reform. The United States spends more on health care than any other country and we're not any healthier for it. Businesses struggle to provide health insurance coverage for their employees, working families struggle with the cost of premiums and co-pays, seniors struggle with the price of prescription drugs, and the uninsured struggle to meet their most basic health needs.

Any health care reform legislation should have at its heart one main goal: assuring access to affordable, quality health coverage for all Americans. We also need reforms that will reduce the grown of health care costs for businesses, governments, and everyday Americans. You shouldn't worry about losing your health insurance because you change jobs or lose your job or because you get sick. You shouldn't face bankruptcy or medical debt because of high health care costs. Every American needs a choice of doctors and health plans and should be confident that he or she will receive the highest quality of care. Finally, we need a health care system; not a sick care system. We need a health care system that promotes prevention and wellness, instead of focusing on disease management. These are the principles that I believe in, which must guide health care reform.

Medicare is a vitally important program for our nation's seniors. We need to protect the Medicare program because of the promise it represents: if you work hard and pay your taxes, you will have your health care taken care of in your retirement. We need to protect the Medicare Trust Fund so those who are paying into the system can benefit from it in their retirement years. We need to close the Medicare Part D prescription drug benefit's donut hole to help make prescription drugs affordable. Our seniors deserve access to the best quality of care available and I will fight for improvements in Medicare and the rest of our country's health care system.

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