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Congressman Pompeo Reacts to State of the Union Speech

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Tonight, Congressman Mike Pompeo (KS-04) attended his first State of the Union speech. Pompeo, a member of the influential Committee on Energy and Commerce and a member of the Conservative Republican Study Committee released the following response:

"This evening, I had the pleasure of listening to President Obama deliver his State of the Union Speech for the first time as a Member of Congress. While I think he struck the right tone, the President and those in his party have talked about "pivoting' their focus to job growth for years. Unfortunately, they have yet to deliver on that rhetoric as we still stand at well over 9% unemployment. It's difficult to buy what they're selling when their supposed focus on jobs has yet to produce results.

"Tonight, it became clear to me that while the new Republican Majority in the House of Representatives is fully committed to ending the Democrats' job-destroying spending pattern, President Obama wishes to continue to ratchet up spending in the name of "investment'.

"My freshman colleagues and I realize that the American people sent us to Congress, in large part, to put our fiscal house back in order. They understand, as we do, that prosperity and job growth is not manufactured by government spending or increased government intervention. It is created by hard-working people, small businesses and the time-tested entrepreneurial spirit that fosters success within our nation.

"To that end, House Republicans continue to make good on our pledge to cut spending with votes like the repeal of Obamacare, which would reduce spending by $2.6 trillion and cutting Congress' own budget by 5 percent, saving $35 million a year. Additionally, today we took the first step toward rolling back government funding to 2008 levels -- before the expensive and unsuccessful taxpayer-funded bailouts and stimulus programs were put into place.

"I will continue to work on commonsense solutions, alongside my colleagues and our Leadership team. I am committed to upholding the promises I made to Kansans in the Fourth District. My top directive is to reduce the unsustainable spending levels which were recklessly enacted by the Democrat Majority and to return us to the path of prosperity," said Congressman Pompeo.

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