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Rep. Schilling Reacts to State of the Union Address


Location: Washington, DC

In his annual address to the nation, President Obama covered many topics but focused heavily on fiscal responsibility, jobs, and the economy. Schilling said the American people sent a message to Washington loud and clear last November, and President Obama seems to be listening.

"The people elected us to do a job. We've done that job for three weeks and we're going to continue to do it," Schilling said. "Tough decisions lie ahead, but it's time for government to live within its means."

Schilling stated that President Obama's position on fiscal responsibility has wavered during his presidency.

"I agree with what Senator Obama said back in 2006 when he opposed raising the debt limit. Five years and several trillion dollars later, though, President Obama's actions have not supported his words." Schilling went on to say, "President Obama said some of the right things tonight, but it will be my job to make sure he makes good on his promises."

Schilling disagreed with the President on his call for more spending initiatives, however.

"We've already seen that reckless spending doesn't create jobs," Schilling said. "The $787 billion stimulus package passed two years ago was a complete failure, and doubling down on spending will not help us get out of this recession. If President Obama was serious about job creation, he would work with the House of Representatives and press the Senate to repeal the job-erasing health care law that has fostered a terrible business climate."

Schilling stressed that we must continue to work to keep our nation competitive.

"President Obama focused on a theme of competition numerous times in his speech. I'm glad he has recognized that the key to job creation is pursuing policies that make hard-working Americans competitive. The misguided agenda of the last two years, including bills such as cap-and-tax, the job-erasing health care law, and an ineffective stimulus, make us less competitive."

Schilling argued that our troops deserve our complete support.

"Our men and women in uniform should receive the best training and equipment possible," Schilling said. "We cannot afford to sacrifice their safety. I will continue to support every measure to give our brave troops the ability to succeed."

Schilling agreed with the President on his call for civility.

"I think we can discuss the issues without resorting to nasty insults," Schilling said. "That is why I joined the Center Aisle Caucus. I welcome the opportunity to debate the issues in a civil manner. I believe one can maintain their principles while respecting the principles of those who disagree with them. That's part of what makes our country great."

To that end, Schilling plans to take President Obama up on his offer to discuss the health care law. President Obama said, "If you have ideas about how to improve this law by making care better or more affordable, I am eager to work with you." Schilling said he welcomes the chance for true debate.

"As a small business owner and a father of ten, I was directly affected by the health care law," Schilling said. "The law institutes an individual mandate tax and a 1099 tax that will cripple small business, costing millions of jobs. It also limits individual choice - I chose to forgo my Congressional health care plan because I wanted to have the choice on how to provide care for my family. I learned that my preferred method of health care, a Health Savings Account, may not even be allowed once the final regulations are released due to the law's onerous and prescriptive requirements of what qualifies as a government approved health care plan. Democrats and Republicans alike agree that health care reform is necessary, but this law goes about it the wrong way. I would love to speak with President Obama about the problems within the law and work together to create solutions that work for all Americans."

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