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Providing for Consideration of H.R. 2, Repealing the Job-Killing Health Care Law Act; Providing for Consideration of H. Res. 9, Instructing Certain Committees to Report Legislation Replacing the Job-Killing Health Care Law; and for other Purposes

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. DeFAZIO. I thank the gentle lady.

The previous speaker is right. This is not symbolic. It's real. In fact, the Republicans are going to allow the return of the worst abuses of the health insurance industry. Preexisting condition exclusions. Taking away your policy when you get sick. Lifetime and annual caps. Throwing your kids off your policies. The Republican repeal of this bill would enable all those things for their, very, very generous benefactors in the insurance industry.

I haven't had a single constituent--and I know you haven't--beg you to bring back these abuses. Is that what you're doing? Is that what they want? You could take steps right now in fact to rein in this industry, and 400 people in this House voted for it last year. Let's take away their unfair exemption from antitrust laws so they can't collude to drive up prices, they can't collude to take away your insurance, they can't collude to throw your kids off; and all the other anticompetitive things that industry does.

I offered that amendment to Rules last night. The Republicans, despite the chairman of the committee and others having voted for it last year, would not allow it. This is an insurance industry bill plain and simple.


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