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Issue Position: Trade

Issue Position

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In western Pennsylvania, we have been particularly hard hit by the flawed trade policies of the past. Since 2000, our region has lost over 210,000 jobs. Congressman Altmire is committed to rebuilding our nation's manufacturing industry and improving benefits for American workers. He has pledged to support only trade policies that put American workers first and benefit western Pennsylvania's economy and families.

Addressing China's Unfair Trade Practices

On January 13, 2009, Congressman Altmire teamed up with Republican Congressman Tim Murphy in a bipartisan effort to assist our nation's manufacturing community. The Supporting America's Manufacturers Act (H.R. 471) would help to ensure that local manufacturers, such as Wheatland Tube, who have been extremely hard hit by unfair trade policies, have access to the tools necessary to fight back against Chinese imports. For more information, see: [Altmire, Murphy Work to Help Manufacturers Hurt by Trade with China].

Combating Currency Manipulation

Other countries' consistent currency manipulation has put American manufacturers at an unfair disadvantage. To help provide American companies with a more level playing field, Congressman Altmire helped to introduce the Currency Reform for Fair Trade Act in 2009. This legislation would require the U.S. government to take action when it determines that another country is deliberately undervaluing or overvaluing its currency against the U.S. Dollar. This would help to ensure that American companies' efforts to compete in the global economy are not undermined by other countries' actions.

Advocating for Domestic Steel Manufacturers

In 2009, the United Steelworkers and several domestic steel manufacturers -- including U.S. Steel, TMK IPSCO, and the Wheatland Tube Corporation -- filed a petition with the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) requesting that duties be levied against heavily-subsidized Chinese oil country tubular goods that have flooded American markets in recent years. After Congressman Altmire testified before the ITC and outlined how China's unfair trade practices have impacted western Pennsylvania companies, the ITC ruled in favor of the domestic steel manufacturers' petition. For more information, see: [Altmire Praises ITC Ruling in Favor of Domestic Steel Manufacturers].

Assisting Workers Displaced by Trade

Congressman Altmire co-authored and voted in favor of a bill that would improve benefits for workers who have lost their jobs due to trade policies. The legislation would significantly improve the Trade Adjustment Assistance program by providing displaced workers with career counseling, job training, and income support. For more information, see: [Altmire Introduces Trade Adjustment Assistance Reforms].

The Dangers of Chinese Imports

Congressman Altmire has been a champion in pushing for legislation to address the dangers created by tainted Chinese imports. On numerous occasions, he has called for action to protect American consumers and manufacturers and he voted in favor of the Consumer Product Safety Modernization Act (H.R. 4040), which was signed into law on August 14, 2008.

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