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Congressman Hank Johnson's Statement on Efforts to Repeal Health Care Reform


Location: Unknown

"In the middle of a recession, my top priority is job creation and supporting policies and programs that help my constituents. I am not in favor of taking health care benefits and security away from hard working Americans.

"I'm voting against the House Republicans' repeal of health care reform because I was sent here to protect and represent my constituents, many of whom stand to be left without health coverage.

"I'm talking about constituents like Lisa Ryan, a former school teacher from Decatur, who suffers from the debilitating disease Lupus.

"With enactment of the Health Care Reform Act in 2010, Lisa was given immediate access to insurance through the interim high-risk pools -- which provides access to quality, affordable health care to people with no insurance who have pre-existing conditions. If that benefit were suddenly taken from her, she would be in real trouble with managing her disease, keeping her financial house in order and dealing with the emotional strain and pain that, have for too long, dogged more than 30 million Americans without adequate insurance.

"It's not an exaggeration to say that health care reform saved her life.

"Why would anyone think that I would want to once again allow insurance companies to discriminate and deny health care to my constituents? I am not going back and neither are the American people."

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