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Issue Position: National Security

Issue Position

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Issue Position: National Security

National Security
Ever since the United States won the Cold War, the world has been confronted with more and more regional conflicts and unconventional threats. From the twin towers in New York to the bombing of London's subway, from instability in vast regions of Africa to dictators in Iran and North Korea, the United States and much of the Western world is threatened by terrorists and tyrants with weapons of mass destruction and unconventional warfare.

Despite these constantly changing threats, America's commitment to the principles of freedom, human dignity and free enterprise are just as strong as when our founding fathers first expressed them. And today, nations that embrace democracy, show respect for human rights, and support private enterprise continue to prosper and peacefully resolve their differences with other countries. As a result, the developed world relies on extensive global trade networks and multilateral agreements as the primary method of diplomacy and national security.

Despite this success, there remain large parts of the world that continue to suffer from poverty, instability, and a lack of opportunity. These regions can serve as terrorist breeding grounds or they are ruled by tyrants that rely on oppression and extremism to cling to power. In order to protect our freedoms and advance them around the world, America must use every tool at its disposal from our cultural and diplomatic strength to our economic and military power.

Sen. Jim DeMint believes terrorism is the greatest threat posed to America and that the United States must remain committed to the long war on global terror. We can not afford to stand by while networks of terror assemble, plan and act against free and open societies. America must pursue terrorists and any one who supports their murderous plans. In Washington, Sen. DeMint has been a strong supporter of the men and women fighting this war. He has consistently voted to ensure our troops had all the funding and equipment they need to succeed. He has also fought members of Congress who try to divert war funding to their states and districts, and those who preach intolerance against our men and women in uniform.

While we wage this war, America must work to strengthen alliances around the world that defend freedom. As a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, DeMint has worked with Sen. Richard Lugar (R-Ind.) to encourage the expansion of NATO.

In addition, DeMint thinks we must remain committed to expanding freedom and human dignity around the world because free people and open societies promote stability and increase prosperity. As a member of the Congressional-Executive Commission on China, DeMint helped write the CECC's Annual Reports, which monitor China's rule of law and religious freedom. Through the reports he pushed for greater transparency and more tolerance of non-governmental organizations to help meet the needs of China's poorest and most afflicted.

The senator has also worked to demand more accountability from those that receive U.S. aid. Specifically, he has partnered with Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) to ensure greater transparency at the United Nations and protect the men and women who expose corruption, fraud and wasteful spending.

American policies have sought a balance of power that unleashes the forces of freedom, democracy and free enterprise. The spread of democracy during the 20th century is proof that the only path to national success is through the promotion these forces. The U.S. must remain committed to these principles and defend whenever necessary.

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