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U.S. Rep. Bill Pascrell, Jr. Lambasted the Bush Administration for It's Support of the Outsourcing of American Manufacturing and White Collar Jobs

Location: Washington, DC

Washington-U.S. Rep. Bill Pascrell, Jr. (D-NJ, 8th) today lambasted the Bush Administration for its support of the outsourcing of American manufacturing and white collar jobs.

"I can't believe this one. The administration is coming right out and saying it: they don't care about American jobs being shipped overseas, leaving Americans out of work to satisfy the corporate bottom line. We all knew they thought like this but now they have come out and flatly said it. So, I guess I applaud this rare moment of candor.

"The President is supporting the outsourcing of American jobs, when the only job that should be outsourced is his.

"First manufacturing jobs, now white collar jobs-are there any American jobs the Bush Administration doesn't want to give away?

"I've had town meetings throughout my district and people are scared. We've heard from folks in the manufacturing sector for years that they have been decimated by our non-reciprocal trade policies. But now the fear is coming from highly educated, highly skilled technology workers as well. These are often people with Master's Degree's and PhD's and they have been laid off and cannot find work.

"So the message from the administration is now: don't train your children to work with their hands and wait a minute, don't send them to school to get a high tech job either, because we are sending those jobs abroad too. So, I ask the administration, what kind of work should we tell our children to train for? What kind of work, aside from CEO or no-bid contractor, is safe?"

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