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Recognition of Clean Ocean Action in Honor of Their 20th Anniversary

Location: Washington, DC

Recognition of Clean Ocean Action in Honor of Their 20th Anniversary -- (Extensions of Remarks - May 21, 2004)





THURSDAY, MAY 20, 2004

Mr. PALLONE. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to honor the exemplary work of Clean Ocean Action, and to recognize their significant contributions over the years, as they celebrate their 20th Anniversary this weekend. Clean Ocean Action (COA) was established in 1984, by individuals who had a deep-rooted concern for the environment, as well as a desire to help maintain the cleanliness of our oceans. Today, we can say with great certainty that the waters off the New Jersey and New York coast have benefited a great deal thanks to the efforts of COA, and its volunteers and the many citizens who have participated in COA activities.

In commemorating their 20th Anniversary, COA certainly has much to celebrate. Since its inception, this group has organized over 30,600 volunteers for bi-annual beach clean-ups that have led to the removal of millions of pieces of trash and debris that typically pollute our coast. COA has compiled statistical information on the trash collected during their sweeps, which provide a very valuable tool to determine the leading source of debris pollution on our beaches and in our coastal waters. The Beach Sweeps were also chosen as a "Local Legacy," for the 200th celebration of the Library of Congress.

As a passionate supporter of our oceans and our coastline, I am mindful of the world of indebtedness that we owe to this organization. The selfless acts of groups such as the COA, and the volunteers they organize, often go without official recognition or praise. However, we all benefit and are grateful for the work that they do and it is imperative that we support their efforts. Therefore, I pause today to thank Clean Ocean Action for their tireless efforts and I ask my colleagues to do the same.

Once again, Mr. Speaker, I would like to congratulate COA on their anniversary, and offer them the highest praise for the fine an important work they have done over the past twenty years.

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