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Issue Position: Pork Busting

Issue Position

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Issue Position: Pork Busting

Pork Busting
Dr. Coburn's Efforts to Reduce Wasteful Washington Spending and Reform the Federal Budget Process
A scorecard of proposals rejected by Congress

I ran for the Senate, in part, to reduce wasteful Washington, D.C. spending, reprioritize spending to ensure essential needs are not compromised by parochial political interests and to reform the way our government spends money. Our national debt recently surpassing $13.6 trillion, important programs like Social Security and Medicare are in danger of bankruptcy, our nation is fighting a global War on Terror and we still are paying for costs associated with the most expensive natural disaster in our nation's history.

Every family in America must make decisions that require prioritizing and financial restraint to meet their financial situation and expect the government to do the same. But politicians in Washington have for too long avoided making tough decisions and have prioritized their next election over the next generation. Clearly this in not the time for business as usual in Washington and the borrow and spend mentality must come to an end if we are to ensure that the next generation of Americans inherit the same standard of living and that our seniors can enjoy financial security during their retirement years.

The following is a summary of the amendments I have offered and the actions I have taken on the Senate floor to reduce wasteful Washington spending and to reform the budget process. While many of these have been unsuccessful -- often losing in lopsided votes -- I believe it is important not to be discouraged and to continue to press for change and fiscal responsibility in Washington. The future of our country, after all, depends upon it.

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