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Important Update from Congressman Chris Lee on Health Care Reform and Cutting Government Spending


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Dear Friend,

Earlier this week the House of Representatives voted to begin replacing last year's health care law with reforms that will actually reduce health care costs and increase accessibility for all Americans. This vote came a day after the House passed legislation to repeal last year's law.

The goals of this process, according to the resolution itself, are to:

* "foster economic growth and private sector job creation by eliminating job-killing policies and regulations;"
* "lower health care premiums through increased competition and choice;"
* "reform the medical liability system to reduce unnecessary and wasteful health care spending;"
* "preserve a patient's ability to keep his or her health plan if he or she likes it;"
* "provide people with pre-existing conditions access to affordable health coverage;"
* "increase the number of insured Americans;" and
* "provide the States great flexibility to administer Medicaid programs"

You can view that 2-page resolution here.

These reforms mirror legislation that I supported during the health care debate last Congress.

As I've said for more than two years now, I strongly believe that we must take tangible costs out of the system to lower health care costs for families and small businesses. Congressman Lee strongly favors health care reform that will accomplish these goals. So simply repealing the law without working to replace it would not be enough for Western New York families.

The vote to begin replacing last year's health care law is already a bipartisan one, with a number of House Democrats voting to repeal last year's law. In fact, the margin to repeal the bill was greater than the margin to pass it.As we move through the process of replacing last year's law it will absolutely vital to hear your feedback.

Please click the image below to contact me and let me know your thoughts on what you think needs to be replaced in last year's law, and what you think must be included in meaningful health care reform.

Cutting Government Waste, Saving Taxpayers Money

Also earlier this week, legislation I introduced to end wasteful overprinting of bills and resolutions is passed the House unanimously. The STOP Act was the first formal bill to pass the new Congress.

H.R. 292, the STOP the OverPrinting Act (STOP Act), would end a longstanding practice in which the Government Printing Office (GPO) delivers multiple copies of every piece of legislation that a member has introduced or is an original cosponsor. If you recall, I introduced a similar version of this legislation last Congress but the then-majority blocked this common sense reform.

The STOP Act is expected to save a considerable amount of the $7 million GPO is expected to spend on Congressional printing this year.

The STOP Act comes only a short time after the House cut -- with my support -- all Members of Congress' budgets by 5 percent, while will save $35 million this year alone.

Last year, Members of Congress introduced nearly 14,000 bills and resolutions with about 2.8 million paper copies delivered to Members, with all of the information easily accessible online. Last year's health care law was approximately 2,300 pages, and with the 325 copies that amounts to about 747,500 pages of printed paper for one piece of legislation alone.

Too many people in Washington don't seem to care how much something costs unless there is a "B' or "T' after the dollar amount, and we need to change that philosophy. Dollars and cents count in the real world, and they should count in Congress too.

Thanks for giving me a few minutes of your time to update you on these matters.

It's an honor to represent you in Congress. It's absolutely critical that I continue to receive your feedback in order to effectively serve as your representative, so please do not hesistate to contact me with any comments or concerns you may have,


Chris Lee
Member of Congress

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