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Congressman Tonko Statement On House Health Care Repeal Vote


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Paul Tonko issued the following statement after Republicans voted today to repeal the Affordable Care Act:

"I voted against this effort by House Republicans because repealing health care reform does not create jobs, it does not protect the middle class, and it balloons the deficit. The Affordable Care Act provides Americans with new benefits and protections that makes insurance more affordable and accessible -- that's why polls show most people are against a full repeal of reform.

"The facts are that health care reform protects the middle class, strengthens Medicare, and provides tax credits for small businesses so they can afford coverage. Repealing this law means health care companies can again cancel coverage when people get sick, and can deny coverage based on pre-existing conditions such as pregnancy and acne. Repealing health care reform also means that over a million young adults will be kicked off their parents' plans and lose coverage altogether, and millions of seniors could be forced to repay the checks they received to help with their drug costs.

"Republicans are denying Americans the very benefits and protections they enjoy -- and refuse to give up -- as members of Congress.

"We should be focusing on job creation, not on weakening the middle class, our seniors, and our small businesses."

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