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Resolution to Cut Congress' Budget

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. SCOTT of South Carolina. On the campaign trail for the last several months we've heard two things from people. We've heard: cut spending, cut spending, cut spending. And the other thing we heard consistently was: live by the decisions that you make in Congress.

Well, today we have a great opportunity before us. We have an opportunity to do both--to start cutting spending--$35 million-plus in spending cuts--starting with us. It means that we start first and foremost by living with the decisions that we make. A 5-percent deduction in our MRAs gives us an opportunity to not spend the money so that other folks in families and small businesses have an opportunity when not paying taxes to invest more money in the future of their country and their families.

Second, as we consistently live under our own decisions, we tell the American people that we are simply ``listening.'' I heard constantly that the American people want a Congress that listens; that hears what they're saying; that understands their pain and then does something about it. The first step in that direction is for us to start living within our own means and to tell the American people that we hear them.

If we want to restore the confidence of the American people in their elected officials, we must start by doing things like this--cutting ourselves first and asking the rest of the government to follow.

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