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Issue Position: Economic Recovery

Issue Position

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Susan is working to pass commonsense jobs and economic legislation, and the innovation and optimism of San Diegans and San Diego are a valuable resource for her. We've saved our economy from the brink, but Susan believes we cannot ignore the challenges still before us. As a member of the House Jobs Caucus, she is wants to solve our nation's problems without putting our children and grandchildren's future in jeopardy.

Susan knows San Diegans need jobs and job security as well as loans for small businesses and home mortgages. She hears from constituents who are worried about excessive government spending, our debt to foreign nations and unconscionable Wall Street payments. While we can't solve everything as quickly or easily as we would like, Susan believes we can do better.

Susan's economic priorities:

* Return to Pay-As-You-Go spending in Congress -- restore fiscal discipline by requiring any new spending be offset by existing savings so it doesn't add to the deficit

* Pair fiscal responsibility with thoughtful job creation -- spur small business growth, support needed infrastructure projects and encourage domestic innovation

* Create a Bipartisan Fiscal Commission -- put politics aside and recommend serious measures to stabilize the debt-GDP ratio
* Hold Wall Street accountable -- crack down on big bonuses, get your money back and institute financial market reform

* Don't skimp on education -- it's our key to global competitiveness

* Finish health insurance reform -- don't let spiraling healthcare costs bankrupt families, small businesses and our country

Legislation to help bring our economy back:

Jobs for Main Street Act (Included in H.R. 2847)

This bill focuses on transportation and infrastructure projects in our country, helps preserve public service jobs, and extends unemployment insurance and COBRA for an additional six months.

Read Susan's statement on the Jobs for Main Street Act here

The Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (H.R. 4173)

This bill will improve our system by helping reign in the excesses of Wall Street and empowering consumers with clear information. The legislation promotes stability in the industry by banning brokers and lenders from making deals people can't afford. We need to reform this system so taxpayers won't need to bailout the financial industry ever again.

Read Susan's statement on the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act here

The Wall Street Bonus Tax Act (H.R. 4426)

Susan is a proud cosponsor of this bill which would shift Wall Street bonuses to small businesses by imposing a 50 percent tax on bonuses over $50,000 at institutions that received TARP money. All of the revenue raised from the tax would be used to fund a temporary direct lending program through the Small Business Administration.

Small Business Financing and Investment Act (H.R. 3854)

This bill will increase access to capital for small businesses. Susan believes that small businesses are the backbone of our economy.

The Reinvestment and Recovery Act (H.R. 1)

This bill helped to steer our economy back from the brink after reckless financial policies and insufficient oversight rocked our economy's foundation. The Recovery Act continues to infuse households, businesses, and projects with funds they need. It is estimated that 242,000 families in the 53rd District have already been helped by the Making Work Pay tax credit included in the bill.

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