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Clean Air for Our Border

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

* Mr. FILNER. Mr. Speaker, I have introduced the Foreign Air Impact Regulation (FAIR) Air Act (H.R. 325). The purpose of this bill is to combat air pollution along our borders and to ensure that our communities are not unfairly penalized.

* Our border communities are being besieged by toxic pollutants from neighboring countries. This is making the air quality along our border worse than ever--and leaves our communities with little recourse to improve the situation.

* The FAIR AIR Act says that if pollution from another country causes non-attainment of air pollution regulations, then the EPA and the Secretary of State should work together to lower it. Furthermore, the effective date of reclassification should be delayed until the Secretary of State and local leaders develop a plan with the neighboring country to improve the air quality.

* We cannot put this international problem on the backs of those who simply happen to live along the border. There truly needs to be a bi-national cooperative solution to address this important issue. We all breathe the same air and it is only with bi-national cooperation and working together to achieve better air quality standards for all.

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