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Congressman Brian Bilbray Discusses Health Care Repeal

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Today Congressman Brian P. Bilbray (CA-50), member of the powerful House Energy & Commerce Committee, was a guest on KUSI's "Good Morning San Diego" where he discussed the upcoming vote in the U.S. House of Representatives to repeal the Patient Protection Affordable Care act, otherwise known as Obamacare. See excerpts from the interview below:

KUSI: Congressman Brian Bilbray Discusses Health Care Repeal

Rep. Brian Bilbray: "I think the vote is going to be strongly supporting that we repeal the bill that was passed last year. We go back and we do it right. We do it systematically. We address issues such as pre existing conditions and young people staying on their parents' insurance."…

Rep. Brian Bilbray: "And we go back and talk about things like allowing people in California to buy their health insurance in any state they want, break up this monopoly that we've created for the insurance companies. And also talk about a big one, especially one that I learned when I was a County Supervisor working with the health departments -- and that is tort reform … Tort reform is essential for health care, it's too bad Washington wouldn't wake up for that … We should be providing the most cost-effective health care but you can't afford to continue to subsidize the trial lawyers."…

Anchor: "Let's kind of get to the heart of this. Do you really think there are pieces of Obamacare that you'll be able to separate out and change? I know there are a couple of things you like -- like you said, pre-existing conditions and keeping your kids on the policy as long as they are full time students -- but do you really believe, with the Senate controlled by Democrats and the President controlled -- obviously a Democrat -- do you think anything can be changed in this bill and what will it take?"

Rep. Brian Bilbray: "Yes, I think the one thing is this mandate that employers have to start sending out, you know, declarations to the Federal Government that people are getting. I think that when we talk about tort reform I think the Senate is going to have to finally address that."

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