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Repealing the Job-Killing Health Care Law Act

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. COBLE. I thank the gentleman from Texas (Mr. Smith).

Mr. Speaker, when we debated health care reform during the 111th Congress, I made the statement that we need to fine-tune the engine, not overhaul it. I reiterate that theory today.

President Obama, in my opinion, elevated health care to the number one issue facing America, mistakenly so, in my opinion. I think the number one issue facing America then and now involves jobs, or more precisely lack of jobs, and reckless spending. There is agreement from both sides of the aisle that we need to improve our health care system. I believe these improvements must enhance the quality and accessibility of care in a fiscally responsible manner. The law implemented last year failed to meet these criteria, particularly in the onerous 1099 tax increase on small businesses. That is just one glaring example.

By repealing ObamaCare, we will have the opportunity to take the more prudent approach of fine-tuning our health care law to ensure that it encompasses sound principles.

Mr. Speaker, this will likely be an obvious partisan vote, but it also serves a purpose. It sends a message to the American people that we are serious about fixing our broken health care system. Physicians do this daily. They make a diagnosis and fix the problem. I support the passage of H.R. 2 because Congress should take the same approach: fix the problem. Much energy and attention was directed to this matter, when it probably should have been directed to jobs and reckless spending. Too late for that now. But we need to address it. And I look forward to the vote that I guess will be tomorrow.


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