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Health Care Repeal and Jobs

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. BACA. Instead of focusing on creating new jobs and helping middle class families, our Republican friends want to turn back the clock. We all know this week's vote to repeal and replace the health reform is nothing but political fiction, with no intention of doing anything to improve health care. It's just a smoke screen. The reality is that a repeal of reform will be bad for our economy and worse for American families and businesses.

In my district alone, repealing health care reform would discriminate against the 305,000 people who suffer from preexisting conditions--129 million nationwide. It would eliminate tax credits for 10,000 small businesses, kick 5,000 young adults off their parents' insurance plans--and 1.2 million nationwide--and it throws more than 5,000 seniors back into the doughnut hole of higher drug costs--2.7 million nationwide.

Let's stand with American families and say ``yes'' to more jobs and ``no'' to all efforts to repeal health reform.

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