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Rep. Royce Votes to Repeal the Government Takeover of Healthcare


Location: Washington, DC

Today, House Republicans voted to repeal the government takeover of healthcare. Rep. Ed Royce (R-CA) issued the following statement in support of repealing the legislation:

"Last year, despite our objections, despite the warnings from economists and actuaries regarding the sustainability of this program, and despite the overwhelming opposition from the American people -- the Democratic Congress passed one of the most intrusive bills this nation has ever seen.

"Obamacare is a 2 trillion dollar entitlement program that is "paid for" by higher taxes and budgetary gimmicks. This government takeover of healthcare is an example of the reckless spending and burdensome regulations coming from Washington.

"The assertion that this law will somehow cut our budget deficit is proof that logic does not always prevail in Washington, DC.

"Just like past entitlement programs, this one will likely be far more costly than previously projected. As a result, our budget deficit will widen and our dependence on China and Japan to finance our debt will continue to grow.

"We must take action now. The credit rating agencies say we are on the verge of losing our triple-A credit rating and the debt contagion continues to spread throughout Europe.

"That is why we are taking this important step and repealing this 2 trillion dollar fiscal train wreck. Now we can begin work on market based solutions that will actually lower healthcare costs."

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