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Neugebauer: Congress Must Cut Federal Spending


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Randy Neugebauer (R-TX) issued the following statement today after voting against the Continuing Resolution (CR) that would fund the federal government at Fiscal Year 2010 spending levels through March 4, 2011:

"During the 111th Congress, one thing was made clear: The Democrat Leadership in Congress is not listening to the American people. If they were, they would realize that continuing to spend and borrow is not what the American people want. Today's passage of the CR is just another example of the Lame Duck Congress ignoring the voices' of their constituents.

"I am concerned that this CR leaves federal spending levels entirely too high. If we want to control the deficit, we need to cut spending back to 2008 levels. Wasteful spending and federal deficits over $1 trillion are only mortgaging away the futures' of our children and grandchildren. Cutting wasteful spending will not be easy, but it is necessary. I look forward to getting back to work in the 112th Congress and restoring the fiscal discipline the American people want and that our country needs."

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