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Duffy Co-Sponsors Bill to Defund Planned Parenthood


Location: Washington, DC

U.S. Congressman Sean Duffy issued the following statement after co-sponsoring H.R. 217, the "Title X Abortion Provider Prohibition Act:"

"As parents, Rachel and I have seen firsthand the miracle of life unfold. We have also lived through the sorrow of losing two babies through miscarriage. My commitment to the sanctity of life is not a matter of theory, but borne of the personal experience of an unplanned pregnancy that brought us unplanned joy. It is my firm conviction that children are our greatest national resource, regardless of the circumstances of their conception.

"I believe that every human life has intrinsic value and will vigorously defend the right to life of all humans, but especially the most vulnerable: the elderly and the unborn.

"For too long, federal tax dollars have gone to subsidize the unconscionable destruction of human life by abortion and the time has come to finally close this awful loophole. This measure would ensure that federal tax dollars meant for family planning services would not benefit those service providers who also perform abortions.

"To be clear, this bill would not cut funding available for family planning, it would simply block tax dollars from flowing to organizations that provide abortions. This is fair, this is moral, and I'm proud to make this one of my first legislative actions as a Member of Congress--for there is no right more fundamental and cherished than the right to life."


Title X is the only federal grant program dedicated solely to providing comprehensive family planning and related preventative health services, and there are a number of federally funded clinics across the nation that offer beneficial services including patient counseling, breast cancer screenings, HIV prevention education and more.

Last year alone, according to Planned Parenthood's own annual report, it received more than $363 million in revenue from government grants and contracts. During that same time frame, they performed an unprecedented 324,008 abortions, a 5.8 percent increase from the previous year. The nation's largest abortion provider is also under investigation in multiple states including Indiana, California, Alabama and Tennessee for allegations of fraudulent use of Title X funding.

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