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Killing the American Dream

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. AKIN. I appreciate your yielding for a moment, because what you are talking about, I guess economists would say, there is sort of an economic lot size. If you have a farm worth 2,000 acres, that may be viable; but if you have to sell off 55 percent of your land, 55 percent of your tractors or your combines or your equipment, and then you divide it across several siblings, it won't work anymore.

So what you have done is not only have you taken away something that was part of the dream that somebody saved all their life to pass on to their kids; we are saying we are going to punish people who want to pass things on to their kids. That is not the American dream. That is killing the American dream.

Now, you raised another thing, and I would like to talk about this. I have heard people, talk show hosts and others, talking about this, and I feel like they are not approaching it from the right way. You are talking about class envy, and it is always the upper class and the middle class and the lower class, and, ``I am for the middle class.'' And it is all this class, class, class stuff. And I feel like saying: Stop. Wait just a minute. I thought America was a classless society. I thought America was a place where you could come here dirt poor, end up as a millionaire, and nobody really made a whole bunch of stuff about that. They didn't tag you with, you can't go to dinner at somebody's house because you are not the right class. That is the way it is in Europe, but that is not the way it is in America.

The America I know is classless. And I don't look down my nose at somebody doing a hard job, because the guy working hard is probably going to be the guy who is going to be the millionaire, he is probably going to be hiring my kid to mow his yard for him.

So why do we talk about classes? Why don't we talk about jobs and the American dream? That is what I don't understand.


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