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Congratulating ''Battle of The Books'' Participants From Camden County, New Jersey

Location: Washington, DC

Congratulating "Battle of The Books" Participants From Camden County, New Jersey-Hon. Robert E. andrews (Extensions of Remarks - May 14, 2004)




Thursday, May 13, 2004

Mr. ANDREWS. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to recognize and congratulate the fifth and sixth grade students and teachers in Camden County, NJ who participated in the Second Annual Battle of the Books. Battle of the Books is a nationwide program designed to foster and encourage a devotion to reading. Through this program, librarians and reading teachers select several books that each participating student is then required to read. Each week students meet to discuss the material they read and, in early spring, a competition is held to test the knowledge that the students have amassed as a result of their voracious reading.

The Battle of the Books is a worthwhile program which greatly enhances the educational experiences of all who choose to participate. I ask that my colleagues join me in commending all of the participating students (including my daughter, Jacquelyn) for their devotion to reading, as well as the teachers and advisors for all that they do to educate our nation's youth.

Participants were, from Atlantic Avenue School in Haddon Heights, NJ: Jacquelyn Andrews, Ben Huber, Kate Quinn, Michael Wasienko, and Samantha Wentz. From Bell Oaks School in Bellmawr, NJ: Ryan Campanella, Courtney Clark, Valentina Covalenco, Robert O'Donnell, Vidhi Patel and Ryan Carney. From Glenview Avenue School in Haddon Heights, NJ: Jason Jenson, Zachary Andrews, Matthew Capula, Robbie Migliaccio, Christopher McKane, and Nick Sabota. From Kershaw School in Mount Ephraim, NJ: Kristina Marioni, Joe Benigno, Ben Donia, Nicole Fisher, Jessica Lanchang, Nicole West, Chris Fehr, Melissa Jost, Rhea Keith, Amanda Monteleone, Brianna Ingram, and Sarah Myers. From Pine Hill Middle School in Pine Hill, NJ: Shelby Cubbler, Chris Harris, Kori Lok, Emily Oriente, Monica Thompson, and Jackie Springer. From Seventh Avenue School in Haddon Heights, NJ: Beth Packi, Matthew Deeney, Rebbecca Baron, Megan Hall, Marc Delmonico, and Nathaniel Harshaw. From Mary Volz School in Runnemede, NJ: Michael Bieg, Carly Drebit, Sean Fredhoff, Brian Kissam, Andrea Lowe, Rachel McKelvy, Michael Cook, Andrea Farino, Jennifer Koss, Amanda McAnally, Brianna Rodriguez, and Evan Prims. From Woodland School in Barrington, NJ: Jill Costello, Alexa Diedrich, Alyssa Jarmusik, Megan Roney, Amanda Woodward, Tyler Franceschini, Edwin Gross, Donny Lang, Mike Muniz, Erik Tate, and Matt Waite. And, from Yellin School in Stratford, NJ: Amanda Hubler, Jeffrey Abbott, Jesse Debes, Sarah Price, Rachel Overpeck, David Calber, Katie Keen, Maryann Baxler, Joshua Forrest, Katelyn Sullivan, Vincent Carpinelli, and Ryan Cooper. The librarians and reading teachers who served as advisors for the students were Mrs. Nancy Healy, Mrs. Jo Ann Burns, Ms. Nancy Clark, Mrs. Susie Leon, Mrs. Susan Mosebrook, Mrs. Diane Drayer Beler, Mrs. Sue Milon, Mrs. Julie LaRubbio, and Mrs. Debbie Reinholt.

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