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Congressman Hall Statement On Convening 112th Congress


Location: Unknown

"The American people have given Republicans an historic opportunity to help restore fiscal responsibility and create an economic environment in which all Americans can prosper. I am honored to continue to represent the Fourth Congressional District and will do my best to promote the good values and common-sense views of the folks back home.

"Our nation faces many challenges at home and abroad. We are engaged in wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. We have almost double-digit unemployment. We have the largest federal debt since World War II. We have run-away federal spending and an unprecedented expansion of federal government that must end.

"Speaker Boehner and the Republican Caucus made a Pledge to America that we will end the culture of business as usual in Washington, and today, on the first day of the 112thCongress, we adopted Rules for the House of Representatives that will help us achieve that goal. Our rules promote open debate, make it easier to cut spending, and provide more transparency by requiring bills to be printed three days in advance for the public to see. We also plan to cut the Congressional budget by 5 percent this year and will immediately begin working to cut funding of unnecessary and duplicative federal programs.

"As the Chairman of the Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, I look forward to working with my Committee to provide effective oversight, eliminate wasteful spending, and help ensure America's leadership in innovation. Advancements in science and technology will create jobs, keep the U.S. at the forefront of innovation, drive economic growth and give Americans a greater standard of living.

"We have a tremendous responsibility to address the challenges facing America, and it is important that our Members continue to listen to the concerns and priorities of the American people. Our nation's strength derives from our people, and I look forward to representing my district and our nation in the People's House."

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