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Rep. Farr Strongly Opposes Republican Repeal of Health Care Reform

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Sam Farr (D-Carmel) today announced his strong opposition to the Republican bill to repeal patients' rights, put insurance companies back in charge and add $230 billion to the national deficit. The Republican repeal bill will be debated in the House this week.

"Americans across the country continue to suffer from the lingering affects of the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression," said Congressman Sam Farr. "For that reason, all bills that we debate in this Congress should be focused on creating jobs, strengthening America's middle class, and reducing the deficit. On all three counts, the Republican repeal bill fails. I will oppose this bill and stand with the thousands of Central Coast families, seniors and small businesses that are already receiving the law's numerous protections."

The Republican repeal of the Affordable Care Act would have significant consequences on the Central Coast by allowing insurance companies to deny coverage to 107,000 to 284,000 individuals--including up to 40,000 children with pre-existing conditions. For seniors on the Central Coast, the Republic repeal bill would increase prescription drug costs for 6,400 seniors who meet the Part D drug "donut hole" and deny new preventive care benefits to 78,000 seniors, as well as increase the costs of early retiree coverage for up to 7,700 early retirees.

The Republican repeal of health care reform would also heavily impact local businesses by eliminating health care tax credits for up to 13,500 small businesses. The repeal would force these small businesses to drop coverage or bear the full costs of coverage.

Under the Republican repeal bill:

* Children with the pre-existing conditions can be denied coverage
* Young people age 26 can't stay on their parents' plan.
* Pregnant women and breast and prostate cancer patients cold be thrown off the insurance rolls.
* Seniors pay more for their drugs.
* The deficit increases by $230 billion.
* Small businesses pay higher taxes.

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