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Womack Votes To Repeal Health Care Reform

Press Release

Location: Unknown

Congressman Steve Womack voted FOR H.R.2, the "Repealing of the Job-Killing Health Care Law Act". H.R.2 passed by more votes than the original health care reform law.

The current law in place would jeopardize thousands of jobs in the first year alone. The impact would cripple companies across the country as they must consider how to cover the expenses put upon them by the imposed taxes and mandates. Bottom-line, it's an enemy to small business.

On top of "job killing", the president's own actuaries predict that 7.4 million seniors will lose access to Medicare under the current law. What's more, Medicare reimbursements to physicians would be reduced to rates below the already scant Medicaid payments of less than 65% of the full cost. What does that mean? Plain and simple, it would ultimately result in payment cuts to physicians and may cause doctors to drop coverage or abandon their practice altogether.

The original health care law is bad for business, bad for patients and bad for America. Congressman Womack released this statement shortly after his vote:

"Last year, I watched a Democratic Congress vote to impose mandates and taxes on the citizens I was elected to protect. Today I'm proud to say that I was part of this new majority who took the first steps in developing a common sense solution to the healthcare problem. By repealing and replacing this deeply flawed law, we have an opportunity to create an adequate and affordable healthcare system for this generation and the next."

- Rep. Steve Womack

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