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Ohio Families Would Suffer with Repeal of Health Care Reform


Location: Washington, DC

Congresswoman Marcia L. Fudge (D-OH11) called on Ohioans to not be fooled by a misguided plan by House Republican Leadership to throw out health care reform.

"Before the Affordable Care Act, insurance companies could discriminate against children with pre-existing conditions. Companies could charge women higher premiums just for being women. Seniors had no end in sight to the Medicare Part D prescription donut hole. Apparently, House Republicans think these injustices are ok. Repeal strikes at the very protections our families and seniors need," said Congresswoman Fudge. "Over half a million Ohioans once again risk completely losing their health insurance when they are dropped for being in an accident, become sick, or make a simple mistake on an application.

"Moreover, repeal does the opposite of what Republicans claim. Instead of lowering health care costs, repeal opens the floodgates to higher prescription drug costs and adds $230 billion dollars to the deficit over 10 years. Who's kidding whom? The only winners in this scenario are insurance companies. Ohioans deserve better."


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