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DeMint Votes for Resolution Supporting Iraq Liberation

Location: Washington, DC

DeMint Votes for Resolution Supporting Iraq Liberation

Urges Nation to Stay the Course

Washington, Mar 17 - U.S. Representative Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) today voted in support of House Resolution 557 relating to the liberation of the Iraqi people and the valiant service of the United States Armed Forces and Coalition forces.

"After September 11, President Bush resolved to end our long era of appeasing terrorists and go on the offensive against regimes that harbor and support terrorists; first in Afghanistan, then in Iraq. Overthrowing a murderous dictator and liberating more than 25 million people made Iraq, our nation, and the world more secure," DeMint said.

"The recent bombing of a hotel in Baghdad and the attacks in Madrid do not call into question, but highlight, the wisdom of our action in Iraq. Those attacks illustrate the utter evil and fanatical resolve of our terrorist enemies. They are not constrained by any sense of morality as they seek to impose their theology of tyranny around the world. Enemies who commit random mass murder are not deterred by any means but their own destruction. The war on terror is a fight to the finish. The terrorists will destroy our civilization and way of life or we will destroy them," DeMint said.

"Iraq is a crucial front in the war on terror because it is a foothold for freedom in a region terrorists desperately want to control and use as a base for their murderous campaign. Iraq is not America's beachhead in the Middle East, but freedom's beachhead against tyranny. That is why terrorists are determined to destroy democracy in Iraq," DeMint said.

"Failing in our mission in Iraq would embolden terrorists and reward them for their violence. We must stay the course and reject the path of appeasement," DeMint said.

DeMint added that the recent election of a Socialist Prime Minister in Spain, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, who has pledged to withdraw Spanish troops from Iraq is a dangerous development in the war on terror. Al Qaeda described the recent attacks in Spain as a response to Spain's cooperation with President Bush in Iraq and Afghanistan. Al Qaeda then claimed that if Spain withdrew its troops in Iraq, Al Qaeda would suspend its attacks in Spain.

"Al Qaeda's alleged claims about Spain sound eerily similar to Hitler's pledge to stop his campaign in Czechoslovakia. I would urge my colleagues to remember the lessons of history and combat evil with force, not wishful thinking and appeasement," DeMint said.

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