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Altmire Statement Regarding Upcoming Vote to Repeal 2010 Health Care Reform Law

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

U.S. Congressman Jason Altmire (PA-04) today released the following statement regarding the upcoming vote to repeal the 2010 health care reform law.

"I voted against the 2010 health care reform bill because I believe it is a flawed, partisan proposal that will, on the whole, do more harm than good. The law has numerous provisions that will result in higher costs for families and businesses, and it does little to correct the inefficiencies and control the costs in our current health care system. It also lacks serious quality improvement provisions that would make our health care system work better for everyone.

"With the law now enacted and beginning to be phased in, I continue to support efforts to prevent the implementation of its most onerous provisions, including the individual mandate and the requirement that small businesses issue 1099 tax forms to their vendors. In fact, I have already voted to repeal both of these provisions. I will also work with both Democrats and Republicans to enact proposals that will incentivize cost-effective, high-quality health care, something that the current health care reform law fails to do.

"However, I will not waste the time and resources of the American taxpayers by engaging in a purely partisan exercise that has no chance of becoming law. Additionally, I will not diminish the health care coverage of millions of Americans by voting to repeal the positive provisions of this law that have already taken effect, including closing the Medicare prescription drug donut hole; guaranteeing health insurance coverage for children with pre-existing conditions; banning lifetime insurance caps and rescissions; and offering free preventative care for seniors. Make no mistake, a vote for complete repeal is a vote to raise out-of-pocket costs for every Medicare beneficiary and take away private health care coverage for Americans with chronic health conditions. There is no reason, other than partisan gamesmanship, that the repeal legislation has to be drafted this way. The repeal bill could easily have left in place these and other popular provisions, while repealing the remaining unpopular provisions that make up the bulk of the new health care law.

"While I remain committed to improving our health care system and eliminating the many harmful provisions of this law, I will not support the current repeal bill that is being put forth by House leadership and faces certain defeat in the Senate."

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