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Bachmann Reacts to Lawsuit Ruling Obamacare Unconstitutional


Location: Washington, DC

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (MN-06) issued the following statement upon learning a federal lawsuit is allowed to move forward challenging Obama's health care reform legislation as unconstitutional:

"For decades the government has grown uninhibitedly, with no visible signs of returning to the limited form of government intended at our nation's founding. The United States is almost $14 trillion in debt and this Congress continues to pass bills vastly expanding the scope and control of the federal government. Such is the case of Obamacare, in which the government goes so far as to mandate individuals purchase health care.

"The United States was founded on freedom, and requiring citizens to purchase something against their will violates that fundamental value. I am pleased Federal Judge Henry E. Hudson recognized today Obamacare's unconstitutional mandate is outside the authority of Congress as Virginia's lawsuit moves forward.

"I am committed to defunding and repealing Obamacare in the 112th Congress as we continue to see its far-reaching and adverse effects on individuals, families and businesses. The unconstitutional individual mandate is just one example of why Obamacare must be done away with."

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