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Boehner, GOP Governors-Elect Focus on Creating Jobs, Cutting Spending


Location: Washington, DC

On November 2, the American people sent a clear message to Washington demanding less spending and more jobs. Republicans are listening.

Moving forward with their Pledge to America, House Speaker-designate John Boehner and congressional leaders yesterday met with GOP governors-elect and agreed to work together and focus on solutions to create jobs and cut spending -- including repeal of the job-killing health care law.

"Republicans may still be outnumbered in Washington, but with the American people and reform-minded governors standing with us, there's a lot we can do together to stop runaway spending and help small businesses create jobs," Boehner said in a statement after the meeting.

Joining Boehner were 15 governors-elect, including the man leading the fight to get the Buckeye State's economy back on track, Ohio governor-elect John Kasich. Reporting on the post-meeting press conference, the Cincinnati Enquirer notes Kasich "blasted" Democrat-run Washington for out-of-control spending that is stifling private-sector job growth.

"The policies in Washington are hurting our ability to create jobs," [Kasich] said. "I don't get what they don't get about this. Companies need certainty. If we have to be responsible and balance our books, then Washington has to balance (its) books also."

As Boehner continues efforts to collaborate with reform-minded lawmakers in state capitols across the country, Boehner and House Republicans are wasting no time on acting on their Pledge to end Washington's spending spree and reform Congress. Today's Politico details Republican plans to "upend spending" in Congress through "statutory spending caps, weekly votes on spending cuts and other reforms to ensure spending bills aren't sneakily passed under special rules."

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