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Lance Praises Senate GOP Efforts to Defeat Pork-Laden Omnibus Spending Bill

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Leonard Lance today praised the successful efforts of the U.S. Senate Republicans that forced Senate Leader Harry Reid to withdraw the 1,924 page $1.1 trillion omnibus spending bill containing nearly 7,000 earmarks.

"I commend the U.S. Senate Republican leadership for holding the line on fiscal responsibility," Lance said. "The "omnibus' catch-all spending measure was filled with pork and bad policy that no elected official had either read or examined. I applaud those who opposed and ultimately defeated this misguided measure."

According to press reports the Senate proposal was a 1,924 pages spending bill that would have cost $1.1 trillion ($575 million per page) and included nearly 7,000 earmarks.

"The American people sent a message in November that they wanted their elected officials to cut spending and enact measures to expand our economy and create jobs. Yet despite the Election Day results Lame Duck Democratic congressional leaders continue to put forth policies that tax, borrow and spend. Rest assured U.S. Senate Republicans and the new House Republican Majority are listening and are committed to bringing fiscal responsibility to Washington beginning in January," Lance concluded.

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